Japan has always been a place I wanted to visit, the people, the architecture, the technology and the history has always been fascinating to me. Further to this one my life long friends is Japanese, Takeshi is from a place called Chiga, a small town near Osaka. While Takeshi has visited me several times since living with me as an exchange student in High school, till now i hadn't visited him. 

Takeshi gave me no choice when he shared the exciting news that he would be getting married and invited me to his wedding. After flying into Tokyo on a muggy afternoon, I had to catch the famous bullet train to Kyoto, where the wedding was taking place. 



Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan, 2.5 hours by bullet train from Tokyo. On my first evening myself and my good friend James went for stroll and we could see that Kyoto had the perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture. 

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My stop in Osaka was brief one, I was keen to check out the Castle and see what the night life had to offer. I really enjoyed wondering the streets in the evening, there was a busy atmosphere and energy that flowed through the neon lit streets.  I would've loved to have spent more time there however I got taste of what Osaka was is about.  

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Following Osaka I traveled north to Kanazawa, a place I was really eager to see, discovering the "traditional" Endo era of Japan has always been of interest to me. It really was a beautiful place that felt like you stepped back in time, like in some Samurai film.  



Tokyo was the last stop of my journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself; checking out the night life in Golden Gai and Shimokitazawa was the stand outs for me.  I could go on for days about Tokyo but the most simple way to put it is that Tokyo is the most diverse and eclectic place I've ever been to.    

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