New York

New York was an epic little adventure, a varied trip checking out city sights, an awesome road trip and we rolled back the years at Coney Island. We went over in September last year, Yuveel and I visited his brother Zaza, one of my closest friends from high school. I had a wicked time with these legends, NYC gave me fond memories that will stay with me forever. 

We stayed out in Bushwick a trendy Brooklyn suburb going through massive gentrification.  With rent prices rising in Williamsburg, a lot of the artists are moving to neighboring suburbs like Bushwick, suffice to say it was very diverse and cultivated suburb. Bushwick actually reminded me a lot of the area I live in London; Hackney yet it definitely had a different feel with the Hispanic influence very apparent.  

Brooklyn & Yankee Stadium

Manhattan was an incredible experience. The vibrancy, culture and energy was unlike anything I've really experienced before. There's a busy feel to the city, everyone seems to be on the move hustling and I came to understand what people meant by a New Yorkers attitude. I really enjoyed the lower east side of Manhattan, checking out the famous fashion capital of Soho was a highlight. Not to mention all of the awesome food joints, Katz's Deli and Arties were the stand outs. We worked off all the food by walking the Manhattan Skyline; the old train line has been rejuvenated with plants and walk way and offers a unique view of the city. 

Central park on a summer's day was lush, it was easy to see why New Yorkers love to run around the park, or just have lunch and chill out there. We spent a few hours there lapping up the sun and exploring, it really is a massive park, we barely covered any ground there. 

There wasn't enough time to check out all that Manhattan had to offer, the place is immense. I will be returning that's for sure! 


We set off on a trip to Upstate New York, at the time I didn't really know what to expect. When I thought of New York I always thought of the city, thus I was surprised to see the amazing greenery and beautiful forest landscapes we had along our journey. We hiked with Zaza's dog Cuba, the little guy loved the outdoors and he certainly looked majestic in the rocky terrain. To cap off an awesome peaceful few hours of wondering the wilderness we were gifted an incredible sunset. It was a great day. 

Road Trip Upstate New York

Coney Island was a short trip via train from Bushwick, the Coney Island train ride was immortalized in the 1979 film The Warriors. Our journey there wasn't as eventful as the film however upon our arrival we were greeted with blue skies, and colorful buildings which made is even more excited for the day ahead. We hit Nathan's Famous first, the hot dog joint has been around for over 100 years and boy I can understand why, they were some dope as hot dogs. We checked the pier after and proceeded to get really drunk before a fierce go kart race (we were definitely over the limit). We ended the day eating at Wharlbergs, the famous brothers certainly know how to do a burger. Coney Island made us all feel like kids again, something about theme parks do that I guess. 

Coney Island

That's all I'll be sharing on my trip to New York for now, to finish I thought I would share some snaps of the beautiful sunsets we were treated to.